Why Twitter may be killing your blog

Do you have all those Twitter gadgets and widgets on your website, especially on your blog? Oh, you do? Well, you are not going to like this post very much. And for goodness’ sake, don’t think I am Twitter bashing. I am most certainly not.

I love Twitter…it’s a very fun and active social site.

Twitter »Thump« Keith Haring Red (for widescreen displays)
arnoKath / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

But if you are trying to get your blog up and running and monitor site stats and get more traffic, things like Twitter widgets may be killing your site.

Think of it…when you go to someone else’s blog or website, if you are a tweet-a-holic do you quickly read through their last tweets? Does the finding make you click to read more?

Well, there ya go. You went


you were visiting to check their Twitter posts.

If someone can come on my first page and see all my tweets and be enticed to check out more about them, I am losing my web visitor and may not get them back. So, this is why I am saying that Twitter may be killing your blog.

It is far better to have those little icons for them to retweet about your post, and post on Facebook about your post and post everywhere for everyone else to read about your post than to encourage them to leave the site altogether.

Just saying…

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