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I know you must think I have abandoned my blog, but oh, contraire! I have been traveling and being a panelist at a virtual creative’s conference. That plus my new book release has had me hopping! But today, I am going to give you a whole big fat blog with lots of goodies.

First, let me encourage you to go out and check out this video! It is the latest (as of this writing) and a fun one to boot!

Tips for Older Writers


I spent a few days packing for my June visit to Washington state. It was my daughter’s wedding! I was too thrilled to be the one to dance her down the aisle to her sweetheart. Really memorable event, let me tell you! The traveling to and fro didn’t bother me too much. I am fully vaccinated and I found everything on the planes to be clean and ready for passengers. I do not get to do much traveling these days, so it was a real treat to go somewhere this year.


Then, almost immediately after returning from that trip, I was a panelist for Imaginarium, and you can read more about that here:

Then, when that was past, I jumped into promoting the release of the second book in the Mt. Moriah Series, The Inn on Main Street. Have you gotten yours yet? You can do that right now here:

Now that all of that is out of the way, I am writing again. I have about ten thousand or less words left on the current WIP, which is the Mt. Moriah Christmas book listed in the widgets on this site. Sigh. I am going to end 2021 as I began it. WITH A BANG!!!

Have you made any mid-year goals? I started out this year with a pretty clear-cut idea (read that post here) but as the year has gone on, those goals have stretched and wiggled a little.

Maybe I will do another post about goals later. As it is, this month is full to the top and I am not looking for more to do. LOL

Until next time,

Be kind!


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