Travel…it’s on my mind

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This is the summer driving season we are moving into per the AAA people. They say with gas prices still relatively low, a lot of people will be hitting the highway. Well, some of us might. Some of us might be staying home having one of those “staycations”. Well, yeah, me and mine. But MOST people will be traveling. And my curious mind wants to know, where are you going? Have you paid for it in advance or are you putting the old plastic in use? And here’s the real question:

What would you do if you could travel free anyplace in the world?

Come on everyone…post up a comment. I really wanna know. Where would you go?

Okay, I will play.

I would travel to Ireland and Scotland, England and Wales. Why? Well, it’s on my list. That old bucket list. I want to see those lands one day. I want to write from there with an integrity that you cannot get from books, movies or the Internet.

Okay, so now… where would you go?

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