Top five ways to waste time as a writer


…okay, TWICE I have blogged about how to use your time wisely as a writer. This time, it’s all about how to WASTE time as a writer… no, I did not say that doing these things is a waste of your time, I mean you won’t be getting any writing done! You have been warned!

wasting time
jzawodn / Foter / CC BY-NC

1. #Indiechat on Twitter Tuesdays at 9pm EST (8 CST)

2. Self publishing blog reading (A Newbie’s Guide by J.A. Konrath is a good one to start with)

3. Enter EVERY giveaway on Goodreads. Who knows? You might win something!

4. Register for a writer’s forum, I go to Authors by Design. You can try one of many many many.

5. Research book covers to find out how it’s done, and what makes one good. This should include Youtube videos.

And that’s enough to cover your whole weekend. Have a BALL!!!!

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