More tips for saving money- and an update

My crazy life…

Remember a few posts ago I talked about ways to save money? Yeah, so turning down the thermostat, and packing a brown bag lunch each day…so how’s that going for you? I take a lunch every day so that is nothing new in my world, and the thermostat has been down since the weekend so we will see. I need a low utility bill right about now!

Here are a couple more tips:

Sell something on Ebay, or Craigslist or a Facebook group for reselling stuff. (I put up something but it was too difficult to sell, so I am going to try something else) – and I am doing all kinds of garage sales. Whew.

And how about this?

Get your friends involved. Yeah, like I am doing by posting about it! haha. You are my friend and now you know about tips for saving money. And now you can keep me accountable! That’s the best reason to tell someone. They will remind you that you are trying to save money.

So, I didn’t start out to write posts about saving money, or rebooting your life, or any of that. I started out with this site as a way to promote my books, stories, and such. But I didn’t think my audience was getting “who I am” the way the gurus tell you it should be done. So now, you guys are getting the down and dirty nitty gritty side of my life.

Yeah, you are coming over to the dark side.

I sort of like having these conversations with you. It keeps me on task with my life.

I have been writing, editing, and doing cover art this week as well as working toward getting audiobook download codes divvied up. That has been a pain because the font used on those codes is so tiny it is causing me to use a magnifier! But I have thirteen of them handed out so we will see. I hope it gens a whole lot of good reviews!

Be back soon with more of my crazy life.

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  1. I think this place is a great place for you…to unload….whatever is in your mind, your heart…
    Yes, I am getting to know you, and your books. I know your books are important to you as a way of making money….the kick back you get to LET us know you…and that is just as important. And….you get to know us (me) a little too….
    I have been trying to save money all my life!! LOL!! My goal has always been a low utility bill!!! Many winters I am dressed is just about all I own…sitting by the wood stove..but…low utility bills I have!! I move slower in the winter!!! And spend a lot of time reading and knitting or sewing…. WAY too cold usually to go I get many things done over a 6 month period that I normally never do from May thru Nov….
    I could never sell anything on-line..I have no patience for that mess….answering e-mails…packing, shipping, etc….too much stress for me. We have had …..2 yard sales ever! Both were when we were moving from one house to another..and we sold TONS of stuff…..and did really well..but it is not something I want to do too often…..I know the work you are putting into this ……the hardest is the dragging in and out…and sorting, re-sorting……
    I will say…don’t make yourself TOO conspicuous……having a yard sale every weekend or even twice a month…..I have watched people do this…one case, the people next door to us years ago…..and the first time is good…but after….people quit coming and looking… is not so “special” anymore….There are some folks in a town not far from us..that do make it a weekend habit……their stuff sits out all week(in good weather) and they uncover it for the weekend….and I drive by and see the same things sitting there..for weeks…..People are funny…have a sale once…they buy like crazy..have it all the get ignored….if you do want to have more than one…I would suggest twice a month at most….I advertised in the paper….and wrote something catchy…and we had scads of people show up early..and that was fine by me! They were buying before I got stuff out of the boxes!!! Don’t you have the community yard sale this weekend? Or has that passed? My brain….
    One thing I can tell you- don’t drive yourself too nuts over money…..I have done that..and it does not make more makes for loss of sleep and headaches…money will find you….sounds silly..but…it will…..

    1. Oh that’s really good advice Sueann. Thanks!! Yes the big one is this weekend. My son is coming to help out so yay for that!

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