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Everyone these days wants to have their book noticed. They are out on the social media sites singing the same tune. Over and over. And over again. Sometimes all I see in my Twitter feed are authors hawking books. Surely there must be a better way? I think if my eyes glaze over at this, then most others do too. Is that working for you, dear author?

I think there are better ways to get your book noticed and here are a few tips I have gleaned from the Internet, and podcasts, and social media and my take on them as a reader. Yes, I am a reader, voracious, hear me roar.

Multiple Books
YES! Write more than one, folks. I know some people who are still touting the same book they were tweeting about three years ago. If someone hasn’t seen it yet chances are good they are not interested. So go out and write a new book. In fact write three. Make it a series. Series right now are the hot ticket item. People have eaten up the Hunger Games, Twilight, Fifty Shades etc. They are all series. The authors are all gods in the writing world now.

Don’t Tease Me
PLEASE! When I am trying out a new author that I do not know, I do not want the book to end on a cliffhanger. Why? Because that requires me to go buy the next book without feeling like this one was complete. I know you want me to buy your series, but don’t FORCE me into it this way. It will likely mean I expect MUCH more from the next one that I will spend money on. If you do not deliver, you will lose me as a reader, likely forever.

Keep It Simple
I am a normal reader. I am not going to veer too far from normal genres. I sure as heck ain’t going to pick up a book about zombie elves attacking the western rancher who falls in love with the pregnant secret agent in Superman’s town. Come one. Pick a genre, or subgenre and stick to it. KEEP IT SIMPLE and consistent.

If you are an author and want to have a few tips for getting your book published, you can do that with my little booklet,
Ten Tips for Getting that Book Written

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