Thursday Writing Tips: When the writing won’t come

Thursday Writing Tips: When the writing won’t come

There is just something about Thursday that feels good. For one thing, I am always busy at my job, which makes the time fly. Then of course, I meet with my mastermind group on Thursday evenings which always jazzes me in the writing department.


I need jazzing too, let me tell you.

My Nanowrimo book is behind seriously in the word count department. The trouble is, I have been sick, and my hubby has required more of my time than formerly, due to his own health crises.

Thursday, where have you been all weeeeek??

Sometimes writing just doesn’t happen. For whatever reasons, we run out of steam, we run out of time, we run out of ideas. Has this happened to you?

When I need a major shot in the writing arm, I try these small little things to keep me going.

Tips to help when the writing is not flowing

  1. Sit at the WIP and try editing some stuff. Sometimes when we re-read the latest work, do a bit of snipping and fluffing, the ideas will once again flow.
  2. Open a new word doc or page, start free-writing. It doesn’t have to be about the story you are working on. It can be a diary entry where you just talk about the writing and how it is (or isn’t!) going. Sometimes you will get a nudge that the problem is not with the writing but rather with the story.
  3. Go for a walk and talk about it with yourself. I know, I know. It sounds nuts, right? But seriously, when you talk OUT LOUD about the writing, the story, etc. you sometimes get more out of it than just tapping keys.
I know this is pretty minor advice, but truthfully, it works for me.  And finally, remember, no book or story can be edited if it resides on a blank page.


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