Things all writers need

As a followup, Unplugged Thursday was an utter hit. I wrote 1000+ words in an hour and it was all longhand. Quite a feeling of accomplishment, I have to say. The company with me, the food–everything was great. Well, except the weather. It was cloudy and had a chance of storms. It didn’t get bad until later though, after I got home, so it was a real treat. I cannot wait for next week!

Today, while I was at work, I was inspired by a podcast with a motivational speaker. I didn’t get the guy’s name, but he had some great points to make. Most of what he said dealt with entrepreneurs and business creation. But as I listened, I put down some of the points he made because they apply to anyone with a desire to succeed, and that includes authors.

So here in a nutshell are the things I gleaned from his talk. I call them:

Things all writers need

I am not more specific because he wasn’t, and if you need specificity, then insert your own details.

1. Someone in your corner who believes in you unconditionally. It could be your mother, or your spouse. It could be both of them and even more. Maybe a best friend, a sibling. I have had that in my life. My mother was a huge advocate for indie writing. She was a writer herself.

2. Belief in what you are doing. You need to believe you can write the ________ you dream of. You can do it. You have the ability. It is there. Watch it unfold on the page.

3. Believe in yourself. You are your worst critic. If you do not believe in yourself, who will? You are a writer. You do not need anyone else to validate you. A writer is someone who writes. An author is someone who publishes what has been written. In order to move from writer to author, you have to be confident and sure of yourself.

Writing is fraught with difficulties and there are a lot of ways out–to quit. Including doubt and fear. Don’t listen to negativism. You can do this.

Now – that was all the things a writer needs. Except maybe pen and paper. Happy Writing!

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