The love of a five-year-old in ‘Chloe’s Choice’

Author Linda Rettstatt weaves a heart-warming tale of a child (Chloe, Chloe’s Choice) who knows love better than the adults around her. And when she witnesses that love in action, brings out the best in all those involved.

You may know Linda from her other 20+ works, but if not, then please click the link above to go to her Amazon author website! You can find all her work listed there and also a good bit about her as an author.

Chloe’s Choice Book Blurb:

April Hanover is not looking for another relationship. She’s still reeling from the last one that left her feeling used and ashamed.

Mike Grainger has finally settled into his role as a single parent to his daughter, Chloe. He’s not seeing another marriage in his immediate future.

Both April and Mike soon learn you should never underestimate the determination of a five-year-old.


I really did not want to like this book. I felt like a romance using a child as leverage could not end well. But in the hands of seasoned author, Linda Rettstatt, things are NEVER what they seem from the back cover.

In this book, Chloe’s Choice, the child in question is a very intelligent and observant five-year-old who is absolutely a breath of fresh air. She gives and receives attention from everyone she meets, including a new pal, Tam-Tam who steals Chloe’s heart (and the readers as well!).

I giggled, frowned, and yes, even cried during this book. It is truly one of the ‘feel good’ books on my bookshelf. It is a keeper and a real winner. And I am recommending it with a big four stars.

You can buy Chloe’s Choice here:

Chloe’s Choice (for Kindle)

Chloe’s Choice (Paperback)

Either way, you will enjoy this book. I know I did. And if you are interested, here is a link to an interview with Linda from 2015:

If you are interested in how to set a mood for writing, check out this link: Setting the Mood

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