The Inn on Main Street coming soon!

I have some happy news to announce today. I have titled book two in the Mt. Moriah series and it will be coming soon!

It’s going to be called THE INN ON MAIN STREET and I just cannot wait to share more of it with you.

And my intention is to release it in July. I do have a bit of a dilemma. I need BETA READERS! If you like romance novels, and you would be willing to read it and give me feedback, I would love you a lot.

I get messages from people asking when the next book is coming out, so I know some of you are anxiously waiting for it. So, tada! Thank you for all the excitement and encouragement.

Now, where am I in the writing / editing stages?

(there are widgets on the sidebar for this but I am not the greatest at updating them) I finished the original rough draft in March and started revisions and rewrites a few days after. My critique gals took the WHOLE book and critiqued and edited it and then my alpha editor got started. I had another friend who edits look through it also. It’s in good shape according to ProWritingAid, but I would love a reader’s opinion.

I picked out the cover and formatted it at the end of March. So, it is already ready to publish, but again, I would love more feedback. Writing a book is a very magical thing to do, but sometimes we get lost in the story and we miss loose ends that need tying up.

I hope to have it on preorder by the middle of June and go live in the middle of July. On June 15th, I will be going to my daughter’s wedding in Washington state. So I do NOT plan on doing anything writing related for a few weeks in June. I am going early and staying late so we can have time to visit. When I get back, I will be a part of the virtual side of the Imaginarium Con! More news on that coming soon!

More exciting news about The Inn on Main Street coming soon. Including COVER REVEAL!

Being an author isn’t easy, and writing and publishing a book every two-three months makes it even more difficult. But I do love it. I hope you do too!

Get the first book in the series, IN THE HOLLER here:

in the holler
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