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Meet Kim. She’s a writer. She’s definitely inherited some deranged DNA from someone in her family because she is pretty wild. Oh wait…I’m talking in third person. Or is that second? No matter…it’s wrong is what it is.

Over the last few days I have been struck with ideas for stories. I don’t know if they are novels, novellas, or short stories but they are coming fast. Like the one about ghosts. Yeah, I have been visited by a ghost story idea. It’s about a girl who can hear ghosts and in a slightly ghost whisperer sort of way, can help them with their unfinished business. I’ll tell you more later–I can’t devote a lot of time to it because there still isn’t a lot to tell you.

I haven’t even named her yet. What is a good name for a girl who speaks to ghosts anyway?

ArmyGma / Pixabay

I feel like I need to start out with this girl, I mean, she’s the reason for the story, in a way. Dreaming up people and writing their stories has entertained for so long now, it would be wrong to stop this sort of method now. The girl, oh goodness, I have to name her… let’s call her Sally, is like a mirror. She can reenact what the ghost sees and or remembers. She can also take on their voice, maybe their mannerisms. I still don’t know all about her yet, because I haven’t spent enough time with her.

The problem with Sally is: She can get into their headspace, but she has trouble getting out. There ain’t no doorway out of the inside of a ghost. So she goes to look for a doctor or shrink who can teach her how to get out of that place when she gets in too deep. Ah well, something like that. Depends on my decision on what I want out of this story. Which way will I go?

When I am drafting, I barely talk. I am so involved with character creation and listening to what I could do or should do that I just turn inward. My hubby is used to this, and usually smiles and dives into a game on his phone. He knows. Just leave me at it and soon I will be typing like a crazy person. It is totally an obsessive thing with me.

I know that I cannot take a leisurely six month vacation to story board and outline like some writers do. I just dig in and with a small amount of time to brainstorm, I get to it. I sure hope Sally is worth it. I need a story that gets me so involved I forget the world is going on. I have this desire to bury myself in a writing frenzy. I think sometimes it is the only way I feel alive. Does anyone else get that?

Blog posts are supposed to be coherent and interesting…and I know this is anything but.

For those of you still reading, all two of you, I have been free-writing all this. Yeah, this is how my brain works. I told you…deranged DNA.

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