Thanksgiving Sunday

Good Sunday everyone! I hope your day is as blessed as Sunday is supposed to be. At my house, we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. The real holiday will be met with our absence as my hubby will be in the hospital. We hope that it will still be a day to give thanks for all our blessings. We do feel full of them even in spite of his illness.

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I wanted to let you know that a Gofundme site has been started for Allan and if you are interested in keeping up with the journey of his cancer, you can go to to check out past updates and get new ones. We would be ever so grateful for any donation that you can give as I have no more sick time or vacation time to be off with him and there is a 2 week period after his hospital stay whereby I HAVE to be home with him. He will be at high risk for fainting and falling, I am told, and that would be a disaster, so am planning on being home.

The hateful part of any disease is that the bills continue to go on and on and when I don’t work, we don’t make money. It’s difficult to ask strangers for money too, let me say, but unfortunately, the only outlet left to us.

So, if you haven’t bought any of my books, or stories, and you want to help some other way, that would be awesome as well.

And if I miss saying Happy Thanksgiving to you in a couple of Thursdays, just know I still mean it, even when I don’t say so. I wish everyone a great big blessed thanksgiving. Please count your blessings!

And I promise that big announcement is coming soon…and I am getting very excited about it !!

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