Thanksgiving roundup

Well, happy Black Friday, y’all It’s only a few weeks until Christmas now. I love the month of December for many reasons, one being it is Christmas, but the other being that several of my family celebrate their birthdays. So, I am anxiously anticipating December.

But for now, my Thanksgiving roundup.

I went to the hospital twice yesterday. Once for a normal visit, early in the day, coming home about 12:30 – just in time to go to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving fare. Her hubby brined a turkey and baked it and it was probably the best turkey I have ever had. I am definitely going to check into brining the bird next year.

She also made red cabbage with bacon. OMG. It was such a great addition, I am planning on incorporating it into my Christmas dinner this year. There was also candied bacon for an appetizer and that was astoundingly good as well.

So I am going to have three new things to learn how to cook, and maybe will try them at Christmas. Heck, Thanksgiving is just the practice meal for Christmas anyway isn’t it? Would you like some recipes? Here is what I found online that sounded right.

Red Cabbage
1-16 oz jar of red cabbage
smoky bacon

Fry up the bacon reserving 2 tbsp of the grease.
drain bacon on paper towels.
crumble the bacon into the cabbage
add the grease
microwave until warm through.

At least, that is what I think she did. I know there are other recipes where you actually cook fresh red cabbage and make your own, but I know my friend didn’t have time to do all that.

Also, the candied bacon… here is a link to how to make it…and believe me, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

And on the way home, my little hubby woke up and had an appetite for a hamburger, so I headed to get him one and went back to the hospital for my second visit. If you didn’t already know, you can follow his progress at Allan’s journey through cancer
So, that’s my Thanksgiving roundup. I hope yours was blessed and fun.

Welcome to the holiday season!

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