Ten things I’ve learned in 2020

Ten things I’ve learned in 2020


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Ten Things that I’ve Learned in 2020 during the Pandemic

Everyone will likely have a list like this to look back on in their journals and on their personal blogs. Here’s mine:

1. Surviving cancer does not mean you don’t have to take care of yourself in every way. It certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have to continue taking pills to keep the cancer away, and when you look at life in general, health is the only thing that really matters.

2. Writing a 109,000+ word novel makes you a tired writer. Being unable to edit it properly, or see the forest for the trees makes you EXHAUSTED.

3. Even under non-pandemic circumstances, not seeing family and friends is hard. But now, with pandemic Covid-19 raging all around us for who knows how long, it’s even worse.

4. Writing romance is sometimes called cheat writing because it is formulaic. DO NOT believe that for one moment.

5. You are only thought of kindly when your actions speak louder than your words.

6. People will forget about you when you are not present in body. They really forget about you when you are a nameless face on the other side of a screen who doesn’t interact with them.

7. Demanding the most from yourself is tiring, getting anything less is deadly.

8. True love gets ‘er done in every battle. It also hangs around afterward and helps you change the bandages.

9. Be careful what you wish for, especially when you are not truly prepared for the answer.

10. Pandemics only last as long as a vaccine is absent and people will do bad things when under stay-at-home orders. And when they say, “This war will be over soon,” DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.

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