Taking the mystery out of writing

Have you ever felt like your writing life was the wicked step-sister to your real life? If you work a regular job, have a family, belong to social groups, etc. then you probably know what I mean.

Here lately, I have been very overwhelmed with my real life, and my poor writing has been neglected. But today I did get some editing done on book four of the mystery series. I am about 20,000 words in and finally can see my way clear. It was my attempt at Nano this year so the writing is terrible, really really first draft/rough draft, but I do see a glimmer, a light at the end of the long and winding road that is my second draft of this thing.

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If I can whip it into what that glimmer promises, it may be a very good mystery. But the old doubts are coming full-force. Why do we beat ourselves up and convince ourselves that we are just hacks? How many books does an author have to pen (type) in order to finally feel like they have “made” it?

I feel like the big post about goals for 2016 that I want to write will help a lot in this area. (this post will likely be out next week, or if Christmas responsibilties hold me hostage, before the new year for sure) Having goals planned and placed in semi-soft concrete always seems to make my creative side feel all warm and fuzzy instead of shaky and in turmoil.

Set sail! Write a mystery!

It’s like having a heading set when you go out in a boat across deep water. You know that land will appear once you check all your compasses and GPS and get the vessel on track. You may not know what the weather will be every day, no foreseeing the storms ahead, but you know that with your goals set, you are a lot more secure.

And let’s face it, this writing industry of today is pretty uncertain–it’s tornado-like weather. So many people trying to sell their books and so many people doing so poorly at it and allow the winds of change to buffet them about like a cork on water. Get in KDP? Get out of KDP? Focus on being Amazon exclusive? Go wide? What to do??

Well, it’s funny but my poor character in this mystery series, Shannon Wallace, is as much torn about decisions in her life as I am about these facing me. She goes through opposition that threatens her freedom. She doubts herself, she flails and falls. But she’s determined not to let the circumstances of her life drown her.

I’m not either!

It has been fun editing it again. I didn’t realize how much I had missed old Dwayne Brown-Shannon’s sidekick. He’s the richer side of the story, and I think if you have never read any of my books before, you will love him. I think we ALL have a friend just like Dee. Or maybe it’s a sibling. Whoever is your Dwayne, you will recognize them in this character.

Okay, I have posted a long-winded diatribe. Thanks for listening to me wax on. And if you want to share this with your fans and followers, just to say, “see? it’s not just ME!” please feel free to do that using the share links below.

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