Tinkerbell: A tribute

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I am interrupting your Friday Internet musing to post up pics of my beloved Tinkerbell who passed away on Monday, July 20, 2015. And to tell her story. My good friend, Kimberly Koz (who is a true animal friend and fan) said that as a writer we should be telling stories. I haven’t done much of that this week, I’ll readily admit. But Tink has a story that deserves to be told and in doing so, maybe I will find some peace.

Tinkerbell, a dog’s life

It was a lazy gray Saturday and I had to take my daughter to the playhouse in Memphis to rehearse for a play that was going to Scotland on international stages. I knew it would be hours before we could come back home, and I would be stuck in the car waiting, or sitting with other parents in the tiny waiting area. They didn’t allow parents to be anywhere near the kids. Too much drama.

So, I decided to take off and go to the flea market in Midtown. It wasn’t far from the theater and I could do some much needed walking while I waited.

When I got there and started down the first aisle. Some people had a few crates set up on the end with puppies in them. They were ohmigod loud, barking, and yipping, and generally making the shoppers crazy. The flea market was held in one of those big warehouse buildings that had a terrible echo anyway, and yapping dogs just seemed extra loud.

My first mistake was in stopping to watch them. My second mistake was finding one who wanted me to take her home.

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