• expensive stuff

    Why is everything so expensive?

    Or better yet, why can’t we have something for free? I think life is just too darn expensive and something needs to change. I know what you are thinking…Kim is posting on her…

  • Want to go shopping?

    It’s that time again! Shopping season! Some of you are groaning and some of you are celebrating. It is my experience that too many people spend too much time trying to find a…

  • name card

    Dance with Me

    I tweeted about the new release being on pre-order at Amazon…it goes live on June 7 but the price will remain low through June. I would appreciate your purchase very much.

  • Amazon/Hachette Debacle

    The Amazon/Hachette debacle goes on … and it seems everyone has an opinion. Some are on the side of Amazon, and say they are for the indie author. Others are on the side…