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So…I went swimming today. I’m pretty good at it, this was the first time to take a dip this year. At first, I sat on the edge and dangled. Losing my breath due to icy water is not exactly my idea of a good time. But it wasn’t that cold and the place was packed with all these kids zooming past me like they were on steroids, diving in and making general squealing racket. Well, it was nerve-wracking to say the least. When you see a kid who’s maybe ten years old trying to dive in backwards and doing all these fancy moves, it makes you feel very nervous. Granted, the lifeguard was on duty, paying attention, going as far as blowing the whistle and giving them a talking to. But I couldn’t keep them off my radar. So after I told them to settle down, I jumped in myself. I even braved the deep end a little bit (where they WERE NOT) before giving up treading water and just swimming.

It was great.

I ended up laying out and drying in the sun and feeling very relaxed and accomplished. Yeah, I know. What about swimming makes one feel accomplished? Well, for one thing, it was the first time I’ve been near a pool in at least three years, maybe more.

I think it is great exercise, and hey, who couldn’t use more of that? Some people think that exercise will open windows in your brain that help you be more creative. I don’t know for sure but I am totally up for trying anything once.

So, hope you have a great Sunday, first of summer. Use sunscreen. Yes, you will thank me later.

SWIMMING Like waves, we roll on
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