Sunday wrap up

So this weekend had been stellar. We celebrated our anniversary on Friday and he bought me this gorgeous bracelet. We went out to dinner and to a local casino. I won!

Then on Saturday we spent the day shopping and eating out. A whole lot of nothing was accomplished. I bought two new pairs of flip flops only to find out today that I had two pair stuck in two different suitcases. Go figure.

And that is what we did today. Packed for our upcoming trip and enjoyed the beginning of a week that will seem endless as we anticipate traveling.

Hubby bought me am awesome new backpack to carry my laptop and gear in. So much easier when winging through airports.

I will try to put some images of stuff in this post when I can. Hope your weekend has been fun!!

20140803-202031-73231286.jpg the bracelet<\a>

20140803-202410-73450415.jpgbeach shoes

20140803-202639-73599056.jpgthe back pack

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