Sunday Surmising-Surprising- Hello, It’s ME!

Sunday Surmising-Surprising- Hello, It’s ME!


I have been pounding you guys with writing and publishing, marketing and mess until I know your eyes are crossed. Well, today, I am being more personal. It is December, and a Sunday and I feel a little cuddly. I want to dig into my blanket and read. It’s a perfect day for it. It’s raining. Need I say more?


It is also a great day to curl up with the laptop and write, but I am taking a hiatus from writing until after Christmas. It’s just too busy to get anything really meaty done. Plus, I am working on my end of year post. It’s the one where I talk about lessons learned, things accomplished, and what I hope to do in 2017. A big post, time-wise.

So, for a Sunday Surprise here are the first two paragraphs of my current WIP – the next Shannon Wallace mystery.  And yes, before you ask, it is UNEDITED. This book has not been officially titled yet, but again, that is a good reason to sign up for the newsletter! My subscribers get the news first.

The broiling July sun beat down on me through the car window which was up tight allowing the air conditioner to blast me with all of its cold goodness. I was on my way to the law offices of Howell and Associates to finally get to speak to Mr. Leslie Howell about the trust that was said to be held on my behalf.

I hadn’t had a chance to talk to the lawyer about it prior to this meeting, much to my chagrin, but I wasn’t daunted at all. There would be papers to sign, and legal matters to finalize, but at some point, money was going to be coming into my possession, and I was only too thrilled about that.


In case you missed my post about television series this season, you can read it here — and just know that we are coming to the end of the fall session of series, sad to say! But there are a few winners and a few losers in my book. This is US is definitely the big winner. I just love this show! It’s funny and real life. Macguyver is definitely my loser of the group. It is just as un-funny and un-real. I have seen so many bloopers in each episode that I am amazed at how many there are and why they were not caught and cut out.

EMPIRE and LETHAL WEAPON rank high on my list of favs, but DESIGNATED SURVIVOR was the top over that. I am officially disappointed in Big Bang Theory– and Kevin Can Wait – can certainly wait.


Still working through books for the award contest I am judging. I have found a new author to follow. Love her books. But when I contacted her publicist to get her on the podcast – I was given a rather sad brush-off. Now look, I know how busy authors are. I AM ONE – yanno? But when someone is offering you free promotion and has said she is an adoring fan, it requires a bit more finesse in my opinion. So very soon I will be reading digital issues only, and I will miss my hardbacks.


Okay, so aside from gathering decorations to do up my cubicle at work (for another contest!) – as you can see, I am not doing much. Typical Sunday.

Hope you will sign up for the newsletter. I promise to make it fun.


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