Sunday Ruminations (again)

So–a lot of my Saturday was spent consuming videos (see yesterday’s post) — and one of the things I learned was that we as author-preneurs have to go out and connect with our fans and followers in a much greater way than we have ever done before. This is because if we don’t, we will never be seen or heard thanks to the MAGNITUDE of content being driven into the face of every consumer.

niko.chan / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

It occurred to me that I tweet out on Friday a Follow Friday thing, (#FF) and send it out to all my friends on Twitter, tooting their @name for all my Tweeps to discover them. Well, well. Do I KNOW all of these peeps? Do I interact with them in any way? Have I discovered them?


So, I started a campaign to go out and visit each person’s site, or blog, or Twitterfeed to see what each one was up to. I was amazed at the variety in creativity out there. There were poets, novelists, writing coaches, SMM managers– well, there were just about anything you can imagine.

I really enjoyed this time. I didn’t make it all the way through, only to the “j” names but you know I am going to be doing a WHOLE lot more of this, so don’t be surprised to see me tweeting YOU about something I see.

So glad to have Fb friends and Twitter friends. Makes my life a real journey!

If you haven’t tried this, why don’t you? It will make someone’s day brighter to know that you took time to check out their stuff and you will be thrilled to know what others interested in what you are interested in are out there doing.

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