Success Principles: We ALL need to hear these

Success Principles: We ALL need to hear these

The Success Principles is a book by Jack Canfield, that has sold millions of copies. It has been out for a long time, in fact it just was re-issued as a 10th Anniversary edition.
Check it out here.


Every so often I’ll come across a video on Youtube that I’ll share with you, usually because it’s contains some fun music or important info. Here is one that I spent over 6 hours listening to. It’s got great lessons to live by and it is narrated by the author, Jack Canfield. He’s easy to listen to, and believe me, you need to listen.

BE forewarned… It is a LONG listen, but it does have commercial breaks.


My Reaction

I was resistant at first. I mean, admit I am at fault for what has happened in my life? Is he nuts? But as I continued to listen, I realize that a lot of my current situation IS due to my bad decisions. There are some other factors outside of my realm of control, such as my hubby’s disease, but a lot of other choices have exacerbated this whole tamale.

For example – if I hadn’t decided to quit the best job I have ever had – well, that goes without saying, right? I would be making better money, have more money in the bank, and not be strapped for cash right now.  For that matter, if I had GONE ahead and gotten that degree, I would be in better position right now where I am at the job I have today, also. So, there is that.

Advice for Readers

I think a great piece of advice here is to treat your life/lifestyle like a home that you would want to invite people to. Clean it up, make it smell good, and put on a pan of brownies because:

  • You wouldn’t want to bring a guest to your dirty house would you? So why should our lives be unorganized, cluttered with worry, and uninviting?
  • Your lifestyle is an extension of who you are, right? So why not show a little bit about who you are by exhibiting strength, wisdom, and grace?
  • Lastly, you wouldn’t invite a guest over without offering them something to eat, would you? Consider starting a blog to journal your journey, others who are not as far as you are on the road will thank you.

The Success Principles are interesting. I am going to try to employ some of them in my own life. I believe in God too, and well, He has a lot to do with overseeeing the arrangements I make in this muddled-up mess. If you have read this great book, let me know. I am going to get it at some point. Maybe with case from the garage sale. I think I need those principles. I think we all need to hear them on a regular basis.


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