Subscribers : Where do they go?

We are all subscribers. Even when we don’t want to be.

Recently, I began talking about email lists and the subject is so vast and wide I decided to do a series of posts on it. You can read the first post about email lists here.
As I said in the previous post, you need an email list to stay in touch with and develop relationships with readers and fans. Social media contact is great, but hard to maintain. And when so many of our followers are in the digital realm, email is a better option.

So, first you have to have a provider, and then, you have to decide where you want to try to get your potential subscribers to see the info about it.

There are several places on your blog that you can get a subscriber’s attention.

Places to put your subscribers info

The first place I thought about was my sidebar. That’s the most obvious place. But there are others.

1. The banner at the top of the landing page
2.The widget at the bottom of landing page
3. As they scroll the home page
4. The “about” page
5. In a post
6. Other pages

There are some pretty cool ones that just softly appear after a visitor has been on the page for a period of seconds, or else just as they are about to leave the page. Those are really nice too, and usually if pretty unobtrusive, the one that will make ME take action.


It’s a toss up as to which works best. Studies have been done, and I am pretty sure they all work well. Maybe everyone’s audience is different so who knows which will work for you? Well, YOU. It’s your collection of people, so use them all, do your own research, and see which is the most effective. Subscribers are pretty savvy, too. They know all the places to LOOK for your info.

Next time I will discuss the meat and potatoes of creation for a subscriber box. What makes people click?

Leave a comment and let’s discuss. What makes you click and subscribe? Is it something free? Because the info that is offered is valuable to you?

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