Striving for greatness requires practice

Striving for greatness requires practice


I know you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But it’s true — hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. If you don’t love something, then don’t do it.
Ray Bradbury

Growing up, we all had a dream of being something. Maybe a dancer in the Nutcracker, or a singer in a band. I wanted to be a famous author like the ones who wrote the books that I escaped into when my life was too demanding. So far, not famous. Not that I am not still hanging onto my dream!

But, since my youth, I have learned that being famous at anything means more than just sitting down and scribbling out something. It requires focus, planning, determination, and giving up some stuff as well.

Yes, it takes practice.

My kids were actors growing up. They were performers and spent every Saturday for YEARS in theaters practicing lines and choreography. I thought they were being taught self-esteem and how to stand out beyond the norm. Well, they were, but they were learning a lot more than those obvious things.

It has paid off for them in many ways not thought of at first. Such as, they have never feared going into a meeting, or being in front of a crowd to do any speech. I am a proud mama.

I am also a fifty-something woman with an opportunity to retool my own life and find my own greatness.

Maybe not acting, like my kids, but I can be really great at what I love to do right now. For me, for now, it’s helping other authors. In the last year, I have thrown myself into podcasting like a whirlwind. From listening to others, I have learned something new each interview and now know enough to help others write, create, craft, etc. based on the successes of others. So much great info in those podcasts! I am confident that I can coach anyone with the knowledge I have gleaned.

What about you? Are you already good at something or do you want to grow to be good at something? Why not be great instead?

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Striving for greatness will:

Build your self-esteem — believe me, I know. I used to be zero in the self-esteem department most days. But when I really strived to do well, practiced my skills, I got more confident.
Develop your authority — when you are confident and armed with information, others will come to you seeking advice. It will feel great when you can give them answers to their problems.
Prepare to serve others — this will come as you continue on the journey of finding your great passion. Somehow those who need what you have will find you. They always do!

I am a writer.

This affirmation will never change. Create your own unique life-statement today. Put it where you see it often. Say it out loud.

Now – believe it.

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