How to steal like the great writers do

How to steal like the great writers do

Steal stuff


Something a lot of writers are doing right now is asking themselves what they should do about a story they are stuck on. Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

What does this mean exactly?
  • Idea theft.  Read a lot of books by authors you like and respect. Figure out how they do what they do that appeals to you and go and do likewise. Listen to others tell their stories, let your muse poke you and give you an idea on how you could tell a similar one with your own spin.
  • Word theft. There are a lot of words being written, podcasted, and videotaped. You can find words and phrases in every place your eye lands. Find some that are special to you and write something about them. If you like them, others will too. Words are what makes our world go around. You cannot write anything without them and no one has ownership of words.
  • Content theft. Again, ideas are not copyrightable. No one owns ideas. And they say all plots have been written, so their are no new ideas left. If that is true, then we are left to our own devices on how to manage.  So go out and consume content, and digest it, and come up with something you can do like that which will fill the earth with something new for others.

These are all doable, folks. You can steal ideas and make them your own as long as you put your own spin to it. You can steal a turn of phrase and then rewrite it so that it sounds like you. You can steal content ideas – such as this:

  1. You can watch a Youtube video on how to write a novel and then create your own.
  2. You can listen to a podcast about how to create a blog post and then create your own.
  3. You can read a blog post on how to get more traffic to your site and then either, follow the advice, or write your own blog post.

Just don’t steal things and just copy and paste it as your own. It isn’t.  That’s plagerism.




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