Stay creative and sane during a pandemic in 2020

Stay creative and sane during a pandemic in 2020

There are so many ways we can be creative and sane during a pandemic in 2020. How? Let us count the ways…

One of the first things I noticed about the stay-at-home lifestyle of the pandemic was – I liked it. I liked being at home. And I also liked not having to go out anywhere. At least for the first few weeks, staying at home seemed like an answer to prayer. I inventoried my pantry, cleaned out my fridge and my stove. Things that I had been putting off for a long time, got done finally!

I have even said, if this is a prelude to retirement, then I am in like Flynn. I am so much more of a homebody that I thought I was. It is a bonus that I have the time to write, edit, revise, plan social media calendar and journal. Not to mention those days when I just feel like crud due to a weather change or a meal that didn’t set right. I DON’T HAVE TO GO INTO A JOB!

It has been so fun and so eye-opening, I am sharing some of the things I have done for you down below.

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Five ways to stay sane and creative during a pandemic in 2020

  1. Set a schedule (keep it simple stupid–K.I.S.S.) start a journal or two

I did this first thing by using several planners, one for monthly goals, one for daily/weekly goals, and one for plain old journaling. They are now my favorite part of the day, week, and month.

2. Be gentle with yourself, get fit and be happy

And I mean it. Do this. Quit beating yourself up because you are out of work, out of a job, or not exactly as thin as you used to be. Love you where you are now. Find a gentle yoga to do. Find a moment to meditate. Realize (as I have) that every moment we have now is a precious thing.

The obvious

3. Read

This is a big one. SO many people I have visited with on Social Media have said that they want to read like never before. Well, now we all have more reading time. And is there anything more comforting than getting lost inside of a good book? This is great therapy!

4. Paint, write, create music

Many creatives are finding their muse again by picking up the paintbrush and making fantastic art. Or by putting fingers to keyboard and turning out next year’s finest read. Oh, and the music!! I love to see the videos of musicians sharing their music. NOW GO DO THAT THING YOU DO!

5. Plant a garden, get sunshine on your face

Maybe art, music or literature is not your thing. That’s okay, planting a flower garden, or just sitting in the sun with it shining down on you and giving you peace, COUNTS. Do this. If you love flowers, get a planter, some potting soil, and put something in it. I absolutely adore flowers. This is one I am going to do also.

Okay, that’s about it. This is a pandemic. This is a difficult time for all of us. I hope you find a little sanity and creativity today where ever you are.

If you need help, someone is always listening!

Please do not think that you are alone. We really are in this together.

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