Spam: Not on my watch

Spam: Not on my watch


Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. But did you know that there are different kinds of spam, and some of it is targeted to just your comments? Yep. I found this out too, as I tried to find a plug in to protect my site from hacking.  I guess I am a little paranoid about it. I lost ALL my images and many many of my audio podcasts. That will put you on the right track if it happens to you.

And I hope it NEVER happens to you. I was told by my ISP that it was a “weak” password that allowed entry to my files and subsequently the destruction to my site. So be sure to make your passwords eleven digits long and have upper and lower cases and numbers and symbols — isn’t that so crazy???

But I did see that NO one was commenting on this site (which is good if you are trying to prevent spam) but it is terrible if you are trying to get interaction on your site. And then I found that a good friend of mine had been thrown out for trying to sign up to get on the site. 

Okay, tooooo much security is a bad thing, y’all.

So, I just installed yet another plug in to see what happens. It is supposed to be good for those spamming commenters and bots that go around trolling for places to insert dangerous code, or at the very least, steal email addresses.


Please let me know via the contact form on this site if you are having any trouble leaving comments. It is not my intention to keep YOU out.

Just the spam.

Here is a link to a site that gives some good advice for how to prevent spam:
Internet safety email tips

Here’s my question for you to leave a comment about – 


and also,


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  1. I’m not having any trouble getting in. I hope your link “Internet Safety email tips” will help me. I’m having a terrible time with a couple of my email addresses. Fortunately one of them is pretty clean, but the other I just have to delete without opening. Probably shouldn’t open the clean one either, but my son, who is a techie, told me to unsubscribe from them. That has helped some, but not much.

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