Social Media Triage Series

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share, or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks, according to my friend, Wikipedia.

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In other words, social media is all the rage these days. You go on it to get news and information, and you use it to connect with friends and family. Social media is also how some (most) people promote their books (for authors) or other forms of art and business. Some people utilize it more than others, but I think pretty much everyone is online on some social site during the day.

But there are a few things that social media aficionados are getting wrong. Most people, yes, even educated writers with degrees, don’t know that just because you can go online and interact, doesn’t mean you have to be a beast about it.

If you want to have validity out there, you just gotta pay attention to your methodology.

Ways to correct unacceptable social media behavior–called the Social Media Triage Series–will be my next series of articles. The focus will be on authors, but probably could be effective for anyone. It’s that important to me, and to you–so I am spending my time posting about this, and I hope it will be helpful. You can certainly tweet this series up, and post it on Facebook, etc. It will be about social media usage and mistakes we make, so why not?

Social Media Triage Series

I will discuss:

  • Too much promo and why it is bad
  • Brushing off the haters and why that hurts your brand
  • Why paying for likes on social media is just plain wrong
  • How you should be quick to answer every comment in order to be effective
  • This series will start right after my 25 Day Challenge is over. I hope you will join me! And please, do share my content. That’s what social media is all about!


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