Is your social media like family?

Is your social media like family?

What makes your life story? Is it your family? Your friends? Your career? I would be certain that it isn’t your social media, right? So, why is it that so many people are spending so much of their life posting to the Internet? What is it about social media that we cannot stay away from?


Experts have an opinion.

It is said that people (humans) are social creatures and some like social media to keep in touch with other humans. Some say that it is a networking thing. Professionals need it to promote their business. Either way, it’s a tool.

Well, here at Casa Smith, we have many tools.

Hammers, wrenches, and pliers.

They all serve a purpose. They do a job. And I guess social media is the same. It is a tool. It does serve a purpose. But it can be welded as a weapon as well. In other words, wrenches made of plastic are not very useful, nor social media outlets that no one ever uses. Just won’t cut the mustard.

So, here is your chance. What is your favorite social media outlet and why? I guess Facebook is mine, and it is closely followed by Instagram. I love taking photos and sharing them.

I am on Facebook every day, but I don’t follow a lot of people on Instagram. Mostly my kids and some close friends. On either social media site, I would recommend using images. A picture paints a thousand words, it is said. I think it’s pretty true for social media.

By the way, studies have shown that browsing social media like Facebook is a positive thing. It feels good, so we do it. A lot. So, no judgement here. If you like social media, and it serves a good purpose in your life, you have my blessings.

I think we should not be using it as a weapon though. Don’t get on social media and post ugly things. The world is full of ugly things-like some digital wasteland. Don’t add to that. Recycle positivity where ever possible. And please remember, be kind.


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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I am really late in adding a reply..I have actually been thinking on this since you posted! Now, I are in a lot of rain from Irma..we are getting some here too..but no where what may have hit you.
    I use to love FB…simply for the fact that for once in my life, I could talk to REAL authors…I am from the old school..where if you wanted to say something to an wrote to their publisher..and HOPED they got the letter…authors were so unreachable. Now..with the is a dream for a reader like me.
    But..I got hacked on FB…sometime after midnight on Aug 31….and have not been able to get back on…
    I do miss was a sort of family for me…little chit chat…the daily chatter…even tho I could not hear it..I could read it!!
    I am back in the 20th century for blogs, web sites…
    What I do miss the being able to talk to you!!!

    1. SueAnn you are so sweet! I hate you have been hacked – that happened to my daughter’s boyfriend too. He decided not to get back on Facebook. Have you reported it to FB? You could set up another account and just put your name backwards, BeerSue or something. I always appreciate your coming to my site and chatting with me 🙂

  2. I did do another account…SueBaby Beer!!LOL!! Used my pup’s name!! I will find you again..just got back on the other day..
    I could not report it to FB because I had to , duh..LOG IN!! LOL!! which I could not..I did call the University tech..and they reported it for me…but..FB does not answer anybody!! At least they know!!

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