Sleep and how it affects productivity

Sleep and how it affects productivity

Sleep: the elusive creature.

Several days ago, as my hubby and I sat together on the couch, I made the statement that I was feeling lazy. It was like I was telling myself this information, because it wasn’t really directed at him, and it was more like “Kim, why aren’t you at that computer writing, or doing something, you lazy nitwit.”

After a few moments of silence, he gently replied, “Maybe you are just tired.”

Well, yeah.


It lead me to consider how much real sleep I had been getting lately. Being lazy is more like not being motivated. Being tired, is well, TIRED. Your whole body wants to lie down and relax and be absorbed in sleep.

Yeah, that was me. 

And not only did I consider how much sleep I had or had NOT been getting, it made me start paying attention to my nutrition. How many vitamins were in the diet I’ve been following? Was I lacking in nutrition? A body cannot stay moving if it has no gas, so to speak. 


It’s a simple fact: if you want to be productive and busy, you have to take care of yourself.  You have to start with what is known as GOOD SLEEP. I usually do not get good sleep. I know all the reasons, but I am not able to fix many of them right now. The worst of it all is my mattress. Maybe when I get to the end of my lifestyle reboot, I will be able to buy a new one.

Below is a short list with links to some cool products – maybe you would like to try one or all of them! Just click on the image.

Ways to get a good night’s sleep

  • Use white noise

For less than $25.00 you can get a little machine to turn your sleeping space into a snore-fest – check this one out.

  • Turn on music that relaxes you

I love to use Youtube for this. They have a cool autoplay option and if you can get music in your feed there, it will play all those songs you have listed. I put on binaural beats designed to encourage sleep and let ‘er rip. Here is one if you want to buy it.

  • Keep your bedroom temperature on low

This may be a no-brainer for most of us, but, the bedroom temperature should be cool or even cold depending on season. I simply cannot sleep if I am hot. You may be the same way. This neat fan keeps a whole room nice and chilly.

  • Block out light

It is imperative to me to have it dark. I have a lot of trouble sleeping with lights on. If you are like me, then you should try getting room darkening shades like this:

  • Set a clock and pay attention to it

We ALL need to have a regular bedtime and stick with it. We make our children do that so that they get the proper rest, right? So why not us? Here is a cool Tuscan style clock for the wall – I like this one!

Other ways to sleep

And here are a couple of other good options to make sure we get rest.
1. Stop worrying. You need to sit down close your eyes and meditate on absolutely NOTHING. Let your mind rest. Sometimes we have a full mind and we cannot sleep because the voices in our head won’t shut up. Meditation works!

2. Don’t have any caffeine after 3 PM. This really works. I have tried it and proved it to be true. Instead of having that late break coffee and cookie, try drinking a glass of water and having a less sugary snack. Remember the nutrition!

3. Try melatonin. You can get tablets in the vitamin section. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland , a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. Very small amounts of it are found in foods such as meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables- but it can also be used as a supplement in pill form.

You can have a good night’s sleep. As we age it just takes more effort.

What are some ways you get a good night’s sleep?

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