Shakira and son is attacked by wild boars!

Shakira and son is attacked by wild boars!

And why it matters…

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Or did you? Shakira, who is a pop-star reported that she and her son, Milan, were attacked by wild boars and they made off with her handbag.

Reading deeper into the story, I felt a little cheated. She wasn’t hurt. Her son wasn’t hurt, and to be honest, neither was her handbag (all that much).

So, why do we rush to click on these types of headlines?


Do you hurry to click on headlines like, Best Food Recipes…? No, of course not. Because you know that at any time you can come back and Google best food recipes and find the story or a number of similar ones. But Shakira and her son attacked by wild boars? That’s HURRY UP STUFF!


  • what if they were hurt?
  • when did this occur?
  • what if she lost her handbag forever to the jungle from whence these wild boars came?
  • who is telling this story? is it some doctor telling us of her attack?
  • where did this happen and do I need to fear attack too?

These questions or those kinds of questions, run through our mind when we click on super-headlines. We just naturally want to know more. It’s human nature. Human interest.

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The same could be said of my blog and my books. If I posted, Kim Smith is DEAD. What would you do? Fear for me? Worry about me? Click in a hurry to see what happened?

What if the title was New Book Coming soon…. would you rush to click?

All of this and more must go into crafting a blog post and any other noteworthy readable. If you don’t believe me, check the stats on how the Shakira story is ranking. Some stories just spend an inordinate amount of time on the interesting pages, this will likely be one of them.

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Happy Friday!

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