Setting the mood for our writing

Setting the mood for our writing
Writing is a mood-specific effort sometimes

Most writers today say they have to have a certain place, or a certain beverage, or a certain mood overall for their writing time. I get it. I may even fall into that category. Here are some things that seem to rank big on how we go about this tedious task.

Dark and stormy night

The whole dreary, gray, rainy mood can be captured on…wait for it…a dark and stormy day/night. But if you need this and the weather won’t cooperate (and it doesn’t very often in Florida!) then check out some of the Youtube videos that offer the sounds of rain, the sounds of storms. Here’s one that goes for like TEN hours.

When you need rain and storm for setting the mood

Likewise, some people like the ambiance of writing in a coffee shop and listening to the rain. Here ya go…you’re welcome.


Another great way to set the mood to write would be if you followed a schedule. You all know how rigid I am these days with my writing schedule. Of course, it is Nanowrimo(National Novel Writing Month) and I am being very selfish about it. But if you want to know how I am accomplishing my great word counts, just know I follow a schedule!

If you all could see my journal, and my planner, you would think I was just the most rigidly organized person on the planet. Well, when you set a goal for yourself, you sort of have to be.

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Here is another link to another post about getting the writing done 7 TIPS FOR GETTING MOTIVATED TO WRITE

Hope this helps y’all. I am listening to the coffee shop one as I write this and wow I love it! I’ll send out a newsletter next week with info on Nanowrimo and how I am doing!

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