Self-Care: Stop the self-doubt

Self-Care: Stop the self-doubt

Welcome back, Zanies! Today we are getting into the subject of self-doubt. .If you are certain you do not have any of these, then please enjoy this post

Hope your summer is starting off right. I am still unemployed and am starting to worry about it. Guess that’s what brought on the idea for this blog post. The idea came to me how I need to focus on good things. Don’t we all?

So, here’s a few ways to get our heads out of the cloud of self-doubt, and I hope you find that it helps you if you find yourself in a life-event such as I have.

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Now about that list on self-doubt:

  1. Kick your self-doubt in the butt. Seems like this advice is a no-brainer but guess everyone doesn’t recognize they’re having self-doubt. Here’s the test: You find yourself calling yourself a loser, a miscreant, a deadbeat, or a drag. Yep. That’s the beginning where you are admitting defeat before suiting up for the battle. These self-defeating thoughts need to be kicked out of the way. Replace them in your vocabulary with such as: I am strong, I am healthy, I am wise. Soon those self-doubts will fall under the boot heel of positivism.
  2. Turn that frown upside down. When you turn those what-ifs? that are holding you captive into why nots? you may find that you are more receptive to new notions. Example: What if I don’t find a job? Turn that one into What if you do? What if you find a much nicer better happier job? Why not? OR even what if I don’t find a job but I find a better use of my time to make money another way, like working for myself? I love that one!
  3. Reality really doesn’t bite as hard as you think. Face it, you are GOING TO FAIL. At certain points in life, we all do. We cannot always be winners. But that doesn’t make us lifetime losers, either. Failure can be a catalyst to finding your greatness. But you have to keep moving. You have to reach for that next rung on the ladder. Don’t let the last slip throw you off. Successes happen most often to those who keep going.

Seeing this issue in ourselves is a constant reminder of our growth.

Finally, my advice. Quit doubting your ability to do ________ (fill in the blank) and just GO FOR IT. It may not turn out like you expected but if you don’t strive for the gold ring, you have a 100% certain chance of not getting it.

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