Schooled in Murder-new Shannon Wallace mystery coming soon!

Schooled in Murder-new Shannon Wallace mystery coming soon!


New cover art!


My new Shannon Wallace mystery is all finished and has been dutifully reported to my newsletter crowd, the Zanies. It will soon be winging it’s way through the interwebs to Amazon. Woo hoo!

Thanks so much to everyone who has asked me about whether there would be more books in the series – it’s great to know you’re all so excited about these books. Well, let’s face it, I can’t shut Shannon up! Schooled in Murder should be available for purchase in November. Here’s the blurb…

Shannon and Dwayne are back in their wildest escapade ever!

They are hired to videotape the interior of a former teacher’s home when her marriage crumbles.   But the teacher is missing, and our dastardly duo step headlong into another murder in their small town. Cop buddy, Sal Ramirez, is too busy to bail them out this time, and they quickly discovered that school may be out for them all if the killer is not caught!
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Excerpt for Schooled in Murder, the newest SW mystery coming soon (because I know how much you love to read tidbits from my books )

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