Save money today-be rich tomorrow

Another thing I want to say about changing your life is you gotta learn to save. There are sooo many people out there who just don’t do it. I used to be one of them! Now I am learning that you just have to save your dollars and cents where ever you are given a chance. If this means NOT eating out five times a week, then start cooking. If it means trimming your own hair, invest in a pair of scissors.


Here are a few ways that I am learning to save. Click on each to get a taste of what I am doing:

iPhone apps
stocking $$ away in a savings account

I used to do investments but after the stock market crash in the early 2000s, I gave that notion up. I would rather put it into a savings account, and ONLINE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS draw more interest by the way!!

How can I save money? MAKE MORE MONEY!

It’s pretty simple math. More money coming in…more money available to save.

So, if you are interested in more ways to make money come into your account without a lot of effort on your part…check these sites out–(they are affiliate links and if you choose one to use, I will make a little money!)

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And that’s just a few.

We all need to find more ways to save for a rainy day, because as I have found out, those days can be stormy and scary as well as wet. If you are like me, and in need of saving money, hang on and keep following this blog. I hope to share more info soon.

Now, I am off to work on my latest ebook which I hope will be a bestseller and make a LOT of money!
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