Reviewing an audiobook

Reviewing an audiobook

Well I sure hope your summer is going well. Have you been to the pool? How about the beach? A trip to the coolness of the mountains? Sigh. I long for a retreat somewhere myself. But instead, as usual, I am up to something completely different, and I wanted to share the “journey” of it with you.

What am I doing this summer?

Very glad you asked. I am currently reviewing my audiobook, An Unexpected Performance, pre-publication! Woo hoo! Yes. My lovely producer, Suzanne Schmidt, has submitted all the chapters and so on for my review. I started listening to it with the manuscript open before me on yesterday. I fell in love with the story all over again.
mirror scene
Of course, this was done after much whooping and hollering and celebrating.

Suzanne is a genius. She really “gets” my characters and she knows when to ad-lib and when to rewrite the sentence just a tad. I gave her carte blanche. I want the audiobook to be stellar, and so far, it really is. Audiobook review is imperative if you are going to go this route. Even a small blip can jar the listener out of the story, so you gotta tune in and read at the same time to make sure every thing is solid. I am very proud of the work Suzanne has done for me. Well, for us. Yanno, audiobook production is a collaboration of sorts. The writer writes it and the producer “speaks” it.

So there ya have it folks! A new production coming out from Amazon and Audible for those of you who like to listen to your books instead of read them. I hope your time on the treadmill is entertaining as you listen to An Unexpected Performance. Or, your time at the beach. Or…well–you get the picture.

Be sure to check back here at the old blog site to get the link when the audiobook goes live. I am so excited!

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