Top 3 reasons readers quit your blog

Top 3 reasons readers quit your blog

What do you think is the top three reasons that readers quit reading your blog or blog post? What are the top three reasons you stop reading? The same reason applies to everyone who surfs blogs. Check out this post and see if my reasons are your reasons.

Now, bear with me while I get to the point of this post, which is to show you the top three reasons people quit reading the blog post you worked so hard to create.

I will start first with the most interesting reason I found.

People will quit reading your post if:


How is that for interesting? I try to include at least one in the post and a featured image for the post. 


What is the third most popular reason people will quit reading your post?

They only get a tidbit of an idea of what it is about from your snippet

Now I know I have been bad about this. I am trying to be intriguing but maybe I am being annoying instead? You guys should tell me this stuff!

The number two reason for blog reading cessation is: 

The blog hasn’t been updated in forever.

That would do it for me and has many, many times. I simply click off if the post is not relevant or has an outdated date (like 2013-hello? anyone home? goodbye!)

And now for the number one reason people quit reading your post and very likely will unsub from your blog completely….


Too many blog posts.

Yes, too many. And I totally am guilty of this. I went through a sort of manic period recently and blogged every day for like a month. It was exhausting for me and caused me to lose readers I am sure. My sincerest apologies. If you will be so kind as to share my blog with others I promise to be more mindful of your time.

The good thing that will come from that much blogging is: you can get a book out of those posts if they are focused and solid content.

So, there you have it. The top three reasons people quit reading your blog.

DO you have other reasons? What are they?


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  1. On some blogs that I read..and have sort of stopped not reading…I always felt like I HAD to respond..the blogger wrote in such a way..that is they received no responses..then the next time they wrote..they talked about that..I guess I look at blogs differently then most..I read for learn, hear new things…Many times I will think about a particular blog post for days..before I think I even HAVE a response!! For a business person, I don’t know what it is they are looking for..from readers…
    I wrote for a blog one time….about 3 years ago, there was a blog from New York, I read…and they were having trouble getting people to write for them, and I asked, if I was from Ohio..would that be ok? And they said yes…and I wrote twice a week, about what I was doing with the garden and yard…..funny thing…the New York folks LIKED hearing from Ohio!!! I know it takes a lot of time…for a blog..and I appreciate when I read them….
    Lots of write about things I have no knowledge about…and that is good..for me..I learn…but, I cannot respond…I don’t know anything about it!! LOL!!
    Pictures never mattered to me much….I have a good imagination!!!

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