Ready. Set. WRITE! Goals


This special summer writing intensive will be the best thing for me since I did the Writer Rechargeearlier this year.

You can find out more about this great writing deal here.

This week we are goal setting.

I have a few ideas for my goals. Since I don’t have to make it entirely writing related, I will include some new things.

So here goes:
1. Write every day. This only has to be 250 words. A page a day. Totally doable.
2. Exercise more. Hoping for at least 10 mins of cardio and 10 mins of yoga. Hey, it’s a start!
3. Design more book covers! I am loving doing this and it is a great way to express those creative urges when the writing is not coming.
4. Finish the book cover design website.
5. Read every day. I am going to have to update my goals on Goodreads. I think I have already passed what I thought I would read!

I think I can do all this effortlessly as long as I get enough sleep!

Happy Monday!


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