Question: I have a contract, should I contact an agent?

Question: I have a contract, should I contact an agent?

Sometimes other authors ask me questions. Sometimes they ask me HARD questions. Sometimes I look stuff up and answer questions I am asking myself. Nevertheless, questions are being asked. Some of the questions are hard to answer. But here is my take on one that I feel is important to examine.

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I have a contract, should I contact an agent?

The simplified answer is heck yes! But here is the question raised… I have a contract with A SMALL INSIGNIFICANT publisher, should I call an agent?

Well, in a nutshell, don’t ever call agents. They are hella busy people, but you can email. Go out and find the dream agent’s website and follow their contact info and send them an email. They are business people first and foremost and you have an offer to conduct transactions in their industry. Even if you have questions to be answered and they are the end all be all for those questions, send them an email. If they do not want to represent you for this small publisher, well, what did it hurt to ask?

A few words of wisdom:

1. Be sure to follow their directions…if they say keep the email short and to the point, do not wax on about your book. Ask your question and move on.

2. Be professional. Make it a real business letter. Make it interesting but not demanding(or worse, beggarly). Ask ALL of your questions while you are asking. I mean would you appreciate a nitwit that said, hey, I have a question. Then it turns into fifty questions?

3. Thank them! They just helped you out by giving you some of their very valuable time. It’s a simple concept, folks. Thanks never hurt.

I hope this helps you. If you want more info on questions and answers let me know.

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