Power of Money When Flat Broke

Power of Money When Flat Broke

The Power of Money When You Are Flat Broke

Hi- my name is Kim and I have a problem. Well, not so much a problem as an obsession. Do you ever think about the money you spend, no matter when or where? I told my hubby this morning that I feel like my life is a fixation on money. If I say, I need to go to the grocery store, it’s really saying “This is about money”- if I say, I need to work on my website, “This is about money”-or even, the dog’s nails need clipping, “oh, wait, that costs money”.

Every time I plan to spend money, I am adding up in my head if I have it or if I am going to have to wait for that purchase. Usually, I just end up with a stomachache or just plain depressed. For example, when I look on the Internet to check out spring shoes, I calculated how much time I would have to work, or how much I would have to sell in order to get that money. I have to also consider if that purchase is taking food off the table. Well, listen that kind of worry just takes all the joy out of life.

But it will teach you to save.

I have to realize that I just cannot do things I want to do, such as take a trip out of town, or go to the movies, because that sort o thinking really isn’t fruitful. Right now, I have to keep my head above water and focus on the important stuff. Like paying the utility bill and mortgage.

Maybe you are faced with these sorts of life choices, too. Maybe you are wondering where you will come up with it. I am trying to do everything that I have ever heard of to turn the tide in my direction. I am having garage sales, eating beans and rice and rice and beans (thank you, Dave Ramsey). I have no credit card debt, but I do have a mortgage and car notes. Sheesh, those are like credit card bills.

But I hope to have more money coming in than going out soon. I am working the static salary plan, where I make tiny tidbits when someone purchases products that I sell.

Like my latest book, Disk of Death.


And I am considering how to make a workshop for writers. Something that includes video, text, and all that.

I am already working on a book about rebooting your life. That one should be for EVERYBODY.

So, maybe with some fair winds and good fortune, I will turn this sinking ship around.

Oh, and here are those shoes I was talking about…ain’t they snazzy?

money Click the shoe to shop…and help me make some money.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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