Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101

So I know you all know that I have been having issues with my podcast feed going to iTunes. But as it turns out it was something stupid I did trying to optimize the site. It is seriously like podcasting 101. Do not EVER set up your feed to iTunes and then change your mind and try to go with another podcast media. Such acts will screw up the works and you will be emailing me saying, “remember the time you couldn’t get your feed to go to iTunes?”. So yeah. Don’t do it!

But-bottom line- I have been successful at last!

I have gotten my feed directed to iTunes so that my podcast audio gets out there again. Whew. This was enough to make me run screaming like Muppets to the nearest website guru. But (puffing out chest) I DID IT MYSELF!!!

kamian / Pixabay

So now, if you are interested in hearing the audio version of Tom Lucas’s interview, it is live on iTunes. It is episode 18 and it is a wonderful one.

I am just about to get busy loading up my next interview too, by the way. This next one will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF.

Reader/fan meet Mary. Mary Buckham, urban fantasy author. Non fiction author. Workshop host. Writer extraordinaire. I am so excited to share my time with this author!!! Check it out here on the blog (hoping tomorrow!)

We discuss a lot of great stuff and you will likely go running out for her latest book when you find out that some of them will soon be disappearing – yes, folks, this is a mystery you have to listen to the show to understand.

Be there… or be a mushroom!

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