How do I podcast? Just leap right in!

I have been podcasting (also known as online radio, such as Blogtalk) for a number of years. It is something that a lot of people try and abandon rather regularly I’m afraid. And I think it is because they were not prepared for the way podcasting goes.

There are a lot of lulls. There are also a lot of intense periods of activity where you won’t get anything else done. So if you are one who likes your time to be free and easy, you may not want to start podcasting.

Now, if you are just doing a podcast of your own thoughts, say, a walking podcast, then nevermind. You can control all. You can have a podcast or not and it is really up to you.

But if you are planning on interviewing guests and having someone of authority with info to enlighten and educate your readers, then by all means prepare for the ups and downs.

Who should podcast?

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Anyone who thinks that their blog followers would benefit from content in another form aside from text. A lot of us like to consume media via audio or video. I am one who listens to a lot of podcasts. It is a fun and easy way to get my info while my hands are otherwise occupied. No mousing or keying required.

Also, anyone who has a lot of great info that really needs sharing. If you are an authority on something, you probably should be podcasting. Podcasts are heavily visited by people searching for information on specific things. By specific I mean, how to do something. If you are an authority on how to make shower curtain rings, you not only should be podcasting, but you likely should be making how to videos as well.

I hope this post has been helpful. I am an authority on writing, self-publishing, and a lot of peripherals. Check back on Thursday for my continuing podcast of One Time: The Adventures of Sarah.

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