How phrases can change your life

How phrases can change your life

What’s in a phrase or phrases that resonates with others?

I am considering phrases that I use all the time, and how if spoken often enough, can become a life-changing thing. I know I have said quite a few.

My kids will tell you that I say some things all the time and they have become life-long references that they will always remember me for. But do you have any phrases that YOU will be remembered as saying?

I recently was contacted by a teacher for my real-world address in order that her student would be able to mail me about my book, An Unexpected Performance.  We forget sometimes that books are not just products that we are putting out into the world, but that they will be there LONG after we no longer exist. And, they are affecting people and their perception of us.

Well, so do our pet phrases, so be sure yours is something that you WANT to be remembered for.

I think one of my best phrases is :

[ctt template=”8″ link=”fE4c6″ via=”no” ]”There ain’t nothing holding you back but gravity.”– Kim Smith[/ctt]


[ctt template=”12″ link=”jCz1l” via=”no” ]”Never let anyone take your dream away.” — Kim Smith[/ctt]

And you may certainly, click those to tweet them, and please do adhere to them. They are true words, even if I did say them.  (funny how we do not think of our words as being important – but there are a lot of them being quoted!)

Do you have any pet phrases that you say all the time? I would love to know. Please leave a comment in the section for that below. I love comments! phrases

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