Photo contest

Photo contest

photo contest
rkarkowski / Pixabay
As some of you may know, I am a snapper. I love taking photos. I have been doing pro photo and video since the early 1990s. And today I wanted to share some photo contests with you. If you are an image lover like I am, this sounds really cool and fun. Taking photos is a great way to become inspired to write. You can capture the image just the way you see it and use it to fill in a gap when that certain memory is being recalled for a scene in a book or story.

And heck, maybe you will win!

Check out the beach photo contest here:
(I can hear the menfolk snickering now-go on dude, get that camera!)

and the sleepy photo contest here:

Here is a good one for the sleepy contest…my baby dog is ALWAYS sleepy.
photo ontestTink sleeping

Of course, the quality stinks cuz it was with my phone, and I am not entering it. But you get the idea. Babies, puppies, anything cute – catch it sleeping and you are in like Flynn.

Have a great weekend!

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