Pet post: Darby, turns one years old

I got the idea to blog about a pet from a blog who was giving out ideas on what to blog about – well, why I couldn’t figure this one out on my own, beats me.

My pet is a huge part of my life, writing-wise and otherwise. She recently turned one years old. We didn’t have cake.
baby darby

She is my foot-warmer in the winter, and my bed buddy all year around. She is not judgemental about what I write, if it is in need of edits, or even if it is the best writing I have ever done.

She doesn’t bother me when I write. No, not a single word. In fact, I am going to put her in a book one day. She deserves a place in the world where she can live forever.


There is a Buddhist quote that says, “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

That sums it up about as well as anything I could say about my little baby girl, Darby. She is kind, and considerate, warm, and friendly to me when I need it the most. She also helped my husband get through chemotherapy, and I am not kidding. She made his life so much better when it was at its worst.

(She DID whoop and holler at the g-kids when they came over, however. I think she was freaked out at the sight of small humans)

There are a few things I think pet owners have taught me:

  • 1. Adopt, don’t patronize puppy mills. *although I think Darby was a genuine product of a good breeder, it might have been a good idea to adopt a shelter dog, and next time I hope to.
  • 2. You can ask for ANY advice you need from your friends on social media if you need any about your pet.
  • 3. Being a pet owner is the most fun, and eventually one of the MOST difficult relationship in your life. Saying goodbye to a pet is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I found a lot of comfort in the friends I have online when my little dog, Tink passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

So, anyway, here are some images of Darby to celebrate her life with us at one year.

I hope they brighten your day. Please feel free to post images, or comments about your own little friend. They might brighten someone else’s day!

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