How being a pet mom taught me to write better

How being a pet mom taught me to write better

I have been a pet mom for all of my life, I think. My first dog was a collie. I had him back when I was in middle school. I have downsized in dogs since then.

I recently caught myself scolding my little Chihuahua the same way most mothers scold their child.

“Now don’t you drag that mess out in the middle of the floor again,” said I.

Chihuahuas are sort of peculiar when you say things sharply to them.

She looked at me with her sweet little head cocked and proceeded to do just whatever she wanted to. She’s pretty independant.

But being her Mom is priceless and has taught me a lot about life and writing. If you are a writer, or a pet Mom, you may understand this.
Here are a few tips:

Be discliplined
You must be disciplined enough to sit down and write every once in a while. That book is not going to write itself. Your pet needs to be fed and watered and has to be taught to not use your carpet for a backyard potty outlet. Discipline with your pet’s care will ensure they stay healthy and happy.

Get in out of the rain
You wouldn’t really take your dog out in a roaring thunderstorm, would you? Well, know when you need a break from your writing. It will help no one if you develop a sudden hatred for your laptop because you have been in front of it so long.

Reward yourself.
Sometimes your pet does some trick as if she’s been doing it for years. And we are only TOO quick to pull out the Greenies and reward her. So, also, we sometimes succeed. Sometimes you DO write the end. It’s exhilarating when that happens so go ahead and indulge in something wonderful and sweet and chocolate and delicious.

And that, my dears, is my advice for you today.
Oh, and a hi from Darby.

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