A Perfect Morning

pacific morning
paul bica / Foter / CC BY

I am such a morning person. It’s quite a double-edged sword. My hubby is like me, so that is good because he would be a sad little man if he had to put up with “little miss susy sunshine” every day. It’s can be a bad thing though when you take that oh-so-happy attitude into a workplace where people are miserable and want to be left in it.

In my perfect world, I would wake up surrounded by the scent of lavender. To inhale lovely scents is an awesome wake-up. I would stretch and breathe deeply and be thankful for another day. Then I would rise to drink coffee flavored with mocha or hazelnut and never get the jitters. I would eat all manner of delicious sweet treats – donuts, danishes, and croissants, and never gain a pound, or have any health-issues at all.

I would be allowed to sit on a wide veranda overlooking the ocean and feel warm breezes lift my hair. I would sit at my computer uninterrupted and write until my brain grew tired. (completely perfect prose, no edits necessary)

Then, in this wonderful time and space, I would be allowed to go back to bed, and fall into blissful sleep. At which time, I would rise and do it all over again.

What would you do in your perfect world?

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