Paper versus Electronic Publishing

Paper versus Electronic Publishing


Ok, so I’ve talked about writing a lot on this blog but not really gone into any detail about the PROCESS. And not specifically e-books, even though that is what I usually end up with. So, today, you will get the insider details on my e-book writing mind.

There is a process to everything. Have you ever noticed? You cannot even go to the grocery store without making a list, clipping coupons, and checking your recipes. It’s the same with writing. In the beginning, you have to have an idea early on whether you want your work to be electronic or paper, or both. That’s an option to every indie-publisher today. You can have it your way, just like at Burger King.

Everyone who has great ideas will get those “you should write a book” comments. And you should. I mean – it’s only a couple hours of extra work each day. All the time wasters in your life, cut them out and voila! You have time to write.

Pros and Cons of E-book Versus Paper

Paper will always have a place in our world. There will always be paper books. There just will. I know this is an argument a lot of my peers have – but it’s not going anywhere. E-books have their place, and their audience, but for those who choose a traditional publishing route, it shouldn’t ever change how things are now with paper books. Unless it brings down the cost, and that is an argument I will lean on their side for any day.

Paper books
Pros: you can take a paper book into the tub with you and not fear ruination of your digital device which costs a lot more than a paperback. Paper books are a whole lot less likely to be pirated too.

Cons: way more expensive than digital books, and requires physical shelves to display which means someone has to have an inventory of paper books for the author/publisher. They are also killing trees to be made and so not very green.

Pros: e-books are easy to store. You can store a whole lot of digital files on an e-reader whereas storing paper books are limited to the places you stick them. You can also go in and change files, interior and exterior on the fly.
Cons: can be pirated easily if the pirate knows how, harder to distribute when you are at a live event, and some e-readers can make the reading experience not so good if their screens and lighting are bad.

And as a side note: one of my good friends has had issues with the cover colors in her print versions at Createspace. You should totally order some proof copies from whatever company you select to publish your print books.

I hope this little breakdown helps you understand some of the issues with publishing today. I use both as appropriate for the book. If you have any questions, leave a comment!

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