Ebook series: A good landing page

Ebook series: A good landing page

Do you have an effective sales page for your ebook?

You can have the perfect item on the Internet, but if you are ignorant about peddling it, you’re going to be disheartened at the outcome. So to speak, getting the word out about your item is critical. Consider how Nike sets aside millions in their budget for marketing and to insure buyers know about their products. This makes it clear that those of us without big bucks are just mushrooms in a world full of daisies if we don’t use everything at our disposal.


So, here is a post about getting the word out about your ebook in our little series.

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On the Internet, specifically, when selling stuff like an ebook, the biggest asset is the landing page (or sales page). Some people believe that the right setup to sell your work, the better your chances. Some even think that the book can be sludge but a good landing page will bridge the gap. I wouldn’t go that far but let’s look at the sales page anyway.

Here we go.

A Superb Landing Page

A superb landing page has certain elements to it that sort of look like a well-planned out campaign to get your business. It addresses certain problems a reader might have, and it gives solutions. Let’s break it down.

1. The problem – have you ever gone to a landing page and the first thing you see is your problem posed as a question in GREAT BIG LETTERS? well, that’s because that person who is trying to sell you something knows the reason you even clicked to go to the landing page. They want you to think about your problem and see that they know a thing or two about it.
2. The answer – then they tell you the answer. It’s all about their product and how it can help you with your problem. I will try to come up with an example soon.
3. Presentation – now there will be some sweet graphics to illustrate what has been said before – to really drive home the point that this product will fix your life in three easy steps etc.
4. Evidence – now they show you how this ebook or whatever they are selling has worked for others. This can be done in the form of references, testimonies, or good reviews.
5. Info about the product – here now we get to the meat of the landing page where the actual ebook or product gets discussed and details about it are shared. (and usually, the benefits of the problem solving is reiterated)
6. Pricing – here is what the reader has been dreaming of…a price for all this goodness. They will at this point read to the bottom, or click off. Make your price GOOD.
7. The End…or is it? – usually (not always) you get some sort of bonus. If you buy this book you can get another one. Or if you buy this product you can get a manual on the extra part to it. And this bonus oftentimes is FREE.

There can be other parts to a superb landing page, but this is basically what you will find. I would list some examples but seriously? EVERY dang site out there has a landing page of some sort. Even online colleges are using them to very good effect. Usually, you have to give them your email when you land on a landing page in order to get the free stuff if that is what they are about, so heads up.

When I get Lifestyle Reboot finished, I will be creating a cool new landing page for it.

Next time…how about some info on ebook pricing? This is always a good informative thing. Check back. And keep comments coming…I live for them!

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