Off we go to Imaginarium!

Off we go to Imaginarium!

As you read this, I am likely on my way to Louisville, KY to a conference for creatives called Imaginarium 2015. I have made 2015 such a busy year by going to cons every few months – and it has been totally worth the time investment.
As I said in a previous post, I will slow down next year and make it a writing year. I will turn out a lot of work next year and for that I am excited. But this year has brought so much fun with the various live events I have gone to. I discovered something about myself–I love live events! (Mid South Con will ALWAYS be one I am at–in fact, I have just submitted my application to be a panelist for next year!) So, live events will always be a part of my writing life. I truly look forward to visiting with readers and friends at each and every event.

Heck, sometimes getting away INCREASES my productivity!

So, this post will be short, but look for great stuff to come out of my time spent at Imaginarium. You know there will be blog posts, podcasts, images, etc. to come! I always have a lot of posts after big cons and this will be a BIG one for me. Have you seen who all is coming to it??? I am such a writer groupie, I will be hard-pressed to remain professional!


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